Child First is intended to reach the most vulnerable young children and families at the earliest possible time. Child First teams intervene in the home to prevent and heal emotional and behavioral disturbances, as well as developmental and learning problems, that can result from traumatic early childhood experiences. The program focuses on high risk families with children ages birth to five who have been exposed to domestic violence and trauma.  Child First is provided by licensed therapists andlooks to restore the attachment bond between parent and child while assisting the parent in creating a safe environment for the child  to grow.

The following individuals are eligible to receive Child first: 

Children from birth through five years of age.
Children with very difficult behaviors or delays in their development or learning, (such as anger and fighting, risk of being expelled from childcare, sadness, or painful experiences).
Families with many stresses (such as feeling overwhelmed, alone or hopeless, fighting in the home, drug use, homelessness, not enough money for food or rent, or involvement with the child welfare system).